Detail Work

Standard Edge Profiles

These edges are included in your Estimate pricing.

Eased (TR3)

Around over on the top and bottom edge that has a relatively square appearance.

Quarter Round (TR6)

Soft radii on both the top and bottom edges.

3/8 Radius (AR10)

A large top edge radius with our Eased edge on the bottom.

Full Bullnose (V)

A half-circle with a defined transition from the top and bottom of the stone.

Beveled (E)

A chamfered top edge with our Eased edge on the bottom.

Decorative Edge Profiles

These edges, and any edge profiles below, come at an additional cost. These edges are not included in a standard estimate and must be requested. 

Cove (L)

A concave top edge with a flat front and our Eased edge on the bottom.

Classic Ogee (FZ)

A concave top edge that transitions to a flat front and our Eased edge on the bottom.

Roman Ogee (FS)

A concave edge with a defined transition on the top and bottom [resembles an “S” curve].

Other Artisan Edge Profiles COMING SOON:

Chiseled (RF)

A “live edge” rough and rustic appearance with sharp spots smoothed down.

Mitered (MI)

A stone apron front adhered to the top to give a thick, square appearance.

Laminated (LA)

A built up edge that can be any combination of the edges listed above for custom look.

Overhang Supports for Ledges and Seating Areas

Any overhang over 12 inches will require additional supports such as flat steel bars, or L"L" support brackets which Classic Granite and More can provide and install upon request.

 Corbels or posts are also acceptable supports. However, we do not supply or install these products.

Another thing to be aware of is what is called the “2/3, 1/3 rule”. This is to meant to avoid a cantilever that could tip an entire bank of cabinets over, or the piece itself. Where this rule would apply, for example, is when more than 1/3 of the countertop or ledge is unsupported. That can still be a factor, even with less than 12 inches of overhang.  We typically see this on raised ledges.