Fequently Asked Questions 

What is the difference between Quartz and Natural Stone? 
     - There are several differences. Mainly, Quartz is a man-made product while Granite, Marble, Quartzite, Soapstone, etc are mined from the earth or "Natural Stones".       
- Quartz is a man-made/ engineered product that consists of Quartz aggregate and polymer resins with pigments to achieve the desired pattern. These materials are often manufactured to mimic the appearance of Natural Stones. 
Quartz products offer a durable work surface that does not require regular maintenance such as sealing. Quartz can tolerate up to about 200 degrees which can be comparable to something coming out of your microwave. Anything hotter can potentially burn or scorch the resin in Quartz products. Those burn marks run deep into the stone and are hard to repair without the full replacement of the countertop.
     - Natural stones are more tolerant to heat than Quartz products. Granite can tolerate up to 600 degrees. We always recommend using potholders and trivets to protect both your stone and cookware. 
Classic Granite & More recommends sealing your natural stones annually. This process is as easy as wiping down your counters. We make a small pool of our sealer on the clean countertop and move the sealer around to cover the surface. Read your container of sealer for the recommended time to let the sealer sit, then wipe up the remaining sealer. Done!
* You can find what we use to seal your Natural Stones before we install it under the "Products" tab and then "Natural Stone".
Is Quartz less maintenance?
    - In the sense that it does not require/ is not recommended to seal the product yearly, Yes. However, Quartz products are more prone to getting burnt or scorched by hot items out of the oven or off of the stove. Even a hairdryer or straightener can burn the resin in your Quartz countertop which is basically irreversible. We always recommend using potholders and trivets to protect both your stone and cookware. 
Can I set hot items (pans from the stove, microwave, oven, crockpots) on my stone (Natural or Quartz)?
   - We do not recommend you set hot items directly on any stone surface Natural or man-made. Any hot items should not scorch a Natural Stone surface, however, some Natural Stones can etch caused by sliding or dropping items on your stone. In addition, your cool countertop could potentially crack or break your hot pan or serving dish due to the temperature difference coming out of the oven or off of the stove. 
Quartz products can scorch, stain/burn from heat due to the resin in the product. 
*We recommend always using a hot pad or trivet to create space between your hot item and your Stone. Most crackpots should have 1/2inch feet on the bottom that keep the crock elevated off the stone. If yours does not have feet or are not tall enough, we recommend placing it on a trivet or hot pads. 
How do I clean/care for my Natural Stone or Quartz Tops?
   - See our Care Guides for directions on cleaning and care for both Natural Stones and Quartz Products.
How do I know when to re-seal  my Natural Stone Tops?
If you think your natural stone needs sealing, there is a simple test we suggest you do. 
Get a wet towel and ring it out on your countertops. 
If the water beads up like your car coming out of a car wash, that area of your counters is sealed. If it does not, that area could use re-sealing. 
Can I stand or kneel on my countertops with all of my body weight?
   - No! We do not recommend standing or kneeling on your countertops. Doing so not only puts your safety at risk but also the warranty on your stone countertops. Your seams can pop or you could even potentially crack your stone. 
What do I do about damage to my stone?
-Chipping - Edge chipping is the most common form of damage and is typically a simple restoration project. Please contact Classic Granite & More LLC to schedule an appointment for repair. This is most commonly caused by impacts involving heavy objects like metal cookware. If this occurs and you are able to find the chip/s, store them in a safe space in case it is needed for the repair process.
Pitting - Pitting is typically on the surface and professional assistance may not be required. More often than not, the repair is as simple as removing any debris and skim-coating the pit with a strong adhesive such as super glue. Once the glue has dried, it should be gently scraped flush using a single-edge razor perpendicular to the surface. Do not use any accelerator agents on the adhesive to speed up the curing process as it may cause staining.
Scratches and Gouges - Do not slide or drag heavy objects across the stone as that may scratch and/or gouge the surface. These repairs involve a more complex restoration process and should not be attempted by untrained individuals.
Will Classic Granite & More come to fix any damage that I find in stone that they installed? 
All customers are granted 2 service calls for chipping and/or pitting free of charge, expiring 1 year from the date of installation in addition to the 5-year craftsmanship warranty. Classic Granite & More LLC is not liable for any incidental charges required to complete restoration services such as plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, etc. Classic Granite & More LLC reserves the right to classify damages as seen fit.
Does Classic Granite & More LLC offer a warranty? 
Classic Granite & More LLC guarantees the craftsmanship of your project to be free from fabrication defects for a period of 5 years after the date of installation. This warranty DOES NOT include material flaws nor any 3rd party products or accessories.