Natural Stone

Classic Granite & More LLC offers Beautiful, Custom-Crafted Natural Stone surfaces including Counter Tops, Vanity Tops, Fireplace Surrounds, Shower Walls, Outdoor Kitchens, and more.  When your project calls for a natural stone, we can help make your design a reality.
Through our network of suppliers, we offer a variety of stones for whatever your project specifications including Granite, Limestone, Marble, Onyx, and Quartzite.


  Granite is a beautiful and durable option for any surface. These slabs are all unique just like a snowflake or your fingerprint. 
Granites start their life as molten rock and over time that heat and compression create Natural Art. With proper care and maintenance, these surfaces will withstand the test of time.  


Quartzite is a luxurious Natural Stone that has some of the most Quartz content nature has to offer. Due to their high Quartz content, these slabs offer a durable, scratch-resistant surface. 


Marble is formed over millions of years as sedimentary layers. With enough time and compression, they become hard as a Rock. 
Because of the way it is formed Marble has a very unique look. 
Marble needs to be treated with care as it can easily scratch, stain, and etch. 

Natural Stone Care

Proper care and maintenance will help ensure a lifetime of performance for your stone surfaces. It is highly recommended to perform any cutting or chopping on a cutting board. Always use hot pads and trivets to protect both the cookware and stone from any potential damages. 
Use stools and step laters to get to your higher elevations. We do Not recommend ever putting a person's full body weight on any stone countertops as this can damage the stone and/or seams in your stone. 

Daily Cleaning

For daily cleaning, use mild soap with warm water and a soft rag. Do not use cleaners that contain abrasives such as Comet, or scouring pads. Spills and splatters should be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent any potential staining.


Natural stone is considered a porous material. In order to help fight and prevent staining, it is recommended to reseal your natural stone surfaces annually. This is a service that Classic Granite & More LLC can provide, but professional expertise isn’t required. Sealants do not make the stone etch-proof or stain-proof, but rather extend the timeframe before staining may occur, allowing additional time to clean any spills or splatters. Most sealants have a distinct odor that you may find unpleasant. Always follow manufacturers' directions on the container.

Sealing Your Natural Stone

The two main categories of sealants are Impregnators and Enhancers. These can be found either online or at most hardware or home improvement stores.
How to tell if my natural stone needs re-sealing? 
The Water Test: Ring out a wet paper towel on your clean countertops.
*If the water beads up, like your car when coming out of a carwash, then you do NOT need to reseal at that time. 
*If the water does not bead up, your countertops could use a re-seal. 
*We also recommend doing this water test on several areas of your countertop. 

Impregnator Sealant

Impregnator sealants will temporarily darken your stone surface as it soaks in but once the process is complete and the stone has been able to dry, it should return to the normal color. 

Enhancer Sealants

Enhancer sealants will permanently change the stone to look “wet” making the colors of the stone more vivid. This is not recommended for white and light-colored stones.